Continental Golf understands that your equipment is important and valuable to you. Our Certified Repair Technicians take every precaution to insure the work you requested is completed to your satisfaction. Our technicians have over 100 years of combined experience.

Our Club Repair expertise includes: Reshafting, Regripping, Regrooving Irons, Refinishing Metal Woods and Wooden Clubs. We also refinish Irons, but we do not rechrome irons. Everyday we complete hundreds of different repair orders to assemble, adjust, or refurbish clubs.

We also perform tasks including:

  • Lie and Loft Adjustments
  • Extensions
  • Cutting Down (Shorten) Shafts
  • Re-whip wooden clubs
  • Replace ferrels
  • Add Sightlines to putters
  • Grinding iron heads
  • "Spine-a-Line" golf shafts


No request is too simple, too outlandish, or too unusual. Most repair request in this category take less time to complete and turn-around time is minimized. If you would like to send your club for repair or refinishing, please complete the Repair Form and send with your club(s).

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