Iron Regrooving

repair-3Continental Golf offers a precision milling service that is USGA conforming square grooves for iron heads. Square grooves can provide an advantage in wet conditions. When playing in damp conditions, water can become trapped between the clubface and golf ball upon impact, reducing the spin on the ball. Much like all-terrain tires, square grooves helps to channel water away from the face of the club and enables more contact between the ball and clubface, therefore increasing spin.

We can regroove stainless steel iron heads but we do not re-chrome iron heads. Most regrooving does not require refinishing, however, we can refinish with high polish, satin or tumble finish if you prefer.

Note: regrooving chrome iron heads will cause the heads to rust in the regrooved area. Regrooving removes the chrome from the grooves, therefore making the club subject to rust.

Available Services:

Regrooving clubhead with square milled grooves and sandblast: $35.00.


If you would like to send your club for repair or refinishing, please complete the Repair Form and send with your club.