Putter Refinishing

Continental Golf can refinish your carbon steel, stainless steel, brass or bronze putter to a like new state. This means your Cameron putter with all the rust can look almost new again.

We will strip the old finish, sand out as many dings as we feel can be removed without too much weight loss or distortion of the club. We will apply a new flat (non shine) or satin (non glare) or high polish finish as requested. Our customers favorite is a satin finish. We will then repaint the lettering and markings in the original colors.

*Remember, black oxide finish when applied to carbon steel will rust. You can apply 10W30 motor oil on a regular basis to inhibit rusting. Stainless, bronze or sbrass will not rust.

If you would like to send your club for repairor refinishing, please complete the Repair Form and send with your club.