Wood Club Refinishing


The technological evolution of golf equipment has greatly diminished the number of wooden golf clubs in today's market. However, the value and beauty of these clubs are held in high esteem by most golfers. At Continental Golf, we can refurbish, restore and refinish your wooden golf clubs to their natural beauty. Our Certified Repair Technicians take great pride in their work with wooden clubs. We carefully hand craft the club to enhance the appearance and playability back to its original design.


At Continental Golf, all of our work is hand crafted with wooden clubs to insure the best work possible.


Our expertise includes:


  • Setting both sole plates and inserts.
  • New insert installations.
  • Hand picking the lettering on the crown or sole.
  • Inserting solid color (epoxy-cycolac or fiber-phenolic) inserts.
  • Repairing buckled soles.
  • Repairing split wood heads.
  • Available Services:


If you would like to send your club for repair or refinishing, please complete the Repair Form and send with your club.

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